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Editing Rewriting|Thesis Editing|Paraphrasing|Summarizing
English usage & Grammar: Editing to correct wrong word usage, grammatical errors and errors in sentence construction
Rewriting | Editing | Paraphrasing Summarizing involves rewriting the text to keeo the message short and clear and also concise and complete. Writing Skills | Home study writing course. Improve your writing skills through a specially designed home study writing course which teaches the basics of clear and correct writing of all types of text.
  1. Tell us the maximum fee per word you are willing to pay to have our editor rewrite and edit your text.

  2. How soon do you need your project completed? State the latest completion date.

  3. Send us a 500-word sample of your text and briefly describe what you want done to it, and the reason for the rewrite. If our editor finds the assignment viable, we will confirm our acceptance within 36 hours.

Editing and rewriting | Rephrasing | Paraphrasing | Rewording | Summarizing

Business Documents: Editing, rewriting, summarizing or paraphrasing company Policies, Practices, Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, letters and general documents.
Student Projects: Editing and/or rewriting, paraphrasing and summarizing student's class assignments, dissertations, term papers, ESL documents and other projects. This service addresses language usage and clarity only, and does not involve content relevancy,  accuracy or special formatting.
Authors and Writers: Editing and rewriting or paraphrasing manuscripts and other writings, prior to printing and/or distribution.
Marketing Literature: Editing or rewriting letters, sales literature, sales copies, product features, instruction manuals or any generic document.
Rewriting: Rewriting, editing or paraphrasing your draft content for web or magazine publishing, article submission and other similar applications.
Summarizing Services: Summarize your text to condense your message. People are weighted down by information overload and do not have time to read long, wordy messages.
Editing rewriting or paraphrasing web page text: Editing, summarizing and paraphrasing services for web pages, marketing newsletters, regular newsletters, project launches, affiliate marketing sales page and similar applications. There are four [4] possible styles in presenting web page content, though the common practice when composing web page text is to use  a combination of styles, depending on the subject matter and web page theme. Read more

Your writing should be clear and concise, and be free from grammatical and structural errors. Sentence length and proper paragraphing is essential to promote acceptance and understanding.

Read on for more details on our service, or simply email us your inquiry for a quick, no-obligation reply.

Shortcuts to editing, rewriting, English course
Use the links below to go directly to the editing service or selection you need:
  • Document Editing; For our document editing, thesis editing or summarizing services. Fogfactor offers document editing, thesis editing, manuscript editing, letter editing, term paper editing and newsletter editing. We edit and summarize any English document except legal, highly technical and medical text.
  • Summarizing? To remove redundancy, verbosity and ambiguity from you text
  • English Tutor  An online guide to Correct English Usage. Improve your English with your own desktop tutor. Membership of English4Today is free and includes hundreds of grammar and vocabulary online courses, IELTS, Business English, Writing courses, and video English lessons.
  • Writing Course A complete course in writing skills. The writing course is offered in four modules as a digital home study course covering the complete guide to clear, effective and concise written English. You hone your writing skills at home, at your own time and pace.
  • Editing Software: Many of our clients with recurring editing projects have expressed an interest in doing their own initial editing and rewriting to better express their message. Stylewriter is the choice of the US government in editing software after the Plain English Writing act was passed.  Read more ...

What's involved in editing, rewriting and paraphrasing?

  • Editing involves reviewing a piece of writing for errors in capitalization, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, subject/verb accord, tenses, redundancies, repetitions, verbiage and other miscellaneous mistakes in sentence structure.
  • Rewriting and paraphrasing relate to rephrasing and rearranging sentences and whole paragraphs where necessary to create unique text. Rewriting is a natural result of  re-viewing; reading your original text with critical detachment, as many as five or six times, to find distinct and more concise words to express your ideas.
Paraphrasing and summarizing removes redundancies, verbosity and overuse of adjectives or adverbs. Ideas and content are expressed in fewer words and usually shorter sentences, resulting in clear and more concise written material. Both editing and paraphrasing help to strengthen, rearrange and reword information to create more effective and original text.

If you have a document for editing and paraphrasing, send your inquiry to: Editing & Paraphrasing Editor

fogfactor provides editing, paraphrasing, summarizing and rewriting services for students, marketers, government departments and business clients,using plain English wherever possible

Our guaranteeOur text editing and rewriting services are guaranteed. Request a free sample edit or rewritten text  before you engage us for your project.
  • You retain full control over your writing.
  • At your request our editor will use a word processor's 'tracking or recording feature' to show you every change made.
  • Select Australian, UK or American English.

We edit your writings for:
  1. Text organization and presentation
  2. Appropriate Tone
  3. Fog index {a measure of readability
  4. Word and verb choice,
  5. Transitions
  6. Redundancies and tautology
  7. Grammar
  8. Sentence & paragraph length
  9. Active v/s passive structures.
  10. Effective application of white space
Editing and rewriting services do not include:
  1. Changing or editing the document format.
  2. Editing for research content
  3. Editing indexes
  4. Adopting a specific style sheet
  5. Verifying, editing or formatting references
  6. Translating from a foreign language
fogfactor's editing, paraphrasing and rewriting services go beyond just standard editing for errors,
and offers two stages for editing.

editing and rewriting your document1. Standard document editing

This editing level focuses on correcting usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. We will
alter incorrect language application and suggest alternate word choice when poor phrasing is used. Sentences that are very obviously wooden or affected will be rephrased at a basic level.

A dictionary and thesaurus is indispensible to good editing or rewriting
2. Editing and/or paraphrasing - Advanced rewriting and summarizing:
Advanced editing and rewriting include rewriting portions of your document. In addition to standard editing, advanced editing services include more in-depth editing and rewriting. Whole portions of your document that are vague, confusing or inappropriate will be rewritten. More attention will be given to word flow, nuance and style.


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